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Lars Vogdt

About Me

My name is Lars Vogdt (formerly Rupp - yes, I've married on 2006-12-29!) and I work for SUSE Linux in Nuremberg as a member of the openSUSE:Education_team and team lead of the new Services Team.

Currently I'm responsible for

  • all the "HR-stuff" for my team
  • providing the infrastructure for the SUSE Research and Development department in our office in Nuernberg and Prague
  • helping packagers with their packages,
  • the package check-ins (means: review and accept or reject the packages from our packagers before they find their way into our glorious openSUSE distribution (or Factory) together with darix and azouhr
  • maintaining my own packages (luckily just a handful at the moment)

My hometown is a small village near Seesen - in the Harz mountains.


I've studied German and History to become a teacher - but never finished (puh ;-). But in my hands-on training I often checked the computer rooms in schools and most of them are unusable. So I decided to create a school server - and joined an existing team named GEE-Server, they used a S.u.S.E. Linux 6.4, Webmin and some special scripts to create an "easy-to-go" server for schools. We implement some additional features and provide updates since 2006. ...and so some of these servers run until today (yes, I still have access to them)! I went to SuSE as the management there decides to create a school server in partnership with the City F├╝rth in 2003.

As my wife is a teacher on a secondary school, I help her with the computers in her school - and migrated her first school completely to openSUSE (2 Servers, 50 Clients, 300 people) - her new school currently runs at least the Open School Server.

As a member of the Build Service Team there's always enough work to do. But I think my most visible contribution to openSUSE is the Education Project. This includes packaging, writing documentation, hosting http://www.opensuse-education.org/ and maintain/develop the infrastructure behind it.

Real life hobbies

Yes, I still have some ;-)

I learned diving (CMAS silver) during my study. I'm also a trained lifeguard (I earned money as student with this and Truck driving :-) and like driving my motorcycle. Other hobbies are small (electric) handicraft works, photography, reading books, cooking, ... and - the major hobby since the last months: my wife and my daughter!


How you can reach me